Akshay, Twinkle voted India’s most stylish couple!

India’s hottest couple Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna voted India’s most stylish couple by the star week magazine. They are definitely a well deserve couple and complimented each other very well in terms of style. Akshay’s costume is usually designed by his wife Twinkle who is a designer and his wardrobe usually consists of cool and trendy clothes while his wife Twinkle looks very elegant and gorgeous in every events.
They are industry’s most adorable couple. The cover page of the anniversary issue of the magazine shows Twinkle and Akshay enjoying some free time together and both are looking simple yet beautiful.
At the lunch, Akshay was looking handsome in formal suit while wife Twinkle was missing from the event

Sooraj Ki Baahon Mein-Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Since the movie was released it has been a subject of review, criticisms and acceptance from Bollywood fans and other movie lovers world wide. The name of the movie is Zindagi Na Mileig Dobara. It was directed by Zoya Akhtar.
The movie made great impacts in many parts of the world. In Indian the movie was a serious hit as it was liked almost any Indian movie lover. One is happy with the great impression the movie is making overseas. feelers from United States of America said that the huge number of movie lovers score the movie high. It is not only in United States of America but in Europe and third world countries.
Everything about the movie is great. The song promotion was good it was titled Sooraj Ki Bahoom Mein. This song was very interesting as a song and as a promo. The movie has some of the best characters the Bollywood industry can boast of. It featured stars who have made create impact in the industry. The stars in the movie are people who are hot in all aspects of movie acting. They include Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol and Farhan Akhtar. The movie also featured two beautiful ladies Kalki Koechlin and Katrina Kaif.

Ashmit Patel beats up Imran’s friend…

The latest addition to the list of Bollywood drunken brawls is Ashmit Patel,younger brother of actress Ameesha Patel. News has it that Ashmit Patel beat up one of Imran Khan’s close friend and makeup man, Vicky in the wee hours of Saturday, at around 2.15 am precisely. Vicky was immediately rush to a hospital and has been diagnosed with a fractured nose, apart from other superficial bruises. It all started when Ashmit began to poke Vicky and his friend Amin, for no particular reason. According to a source, “Vicky does not know Ashmit, neither professionally nor at a personal level.” On questioning Patel’s actions, the actor lost his cool and started bashing up Vicky. Ashmit wasn’t alone. Very soon, 12-15 of his friends joined him in the fight. It was Vicky’s girlfriend who finally called the bouncers for help. Say’s an eyewittness, “But it was too late. Pooja was horrified seeing Vicky bleeding the way he was,” Added the witness, “Ashmit was in a very aggressive mood. He was trying to bully people in the nightclub. He just wanted violence.”A source very close to Vicky says, “Vicky lost at least three-four litre of blood. His journey from Parel to Borivali made him extremely groggy. Pooja stayed with Vicky, until he was finally operated in a hospital in Borivali.”Imran Khan’s official spokesperson, on being informed about the incident, said, “What happened is extremely unfortunate. Imran is not in town. And he doesn’t know about this. But if he were here, he would have been very upset. Vicky is very close to him. Imran and Vicky have been working together since Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na. They are also extremely close friends.”

“My relationship with John Abraham is over for good”: Bipasha Basu…

Actor John Abraham had recently spoken about his past relationship with Bipasha Basu, on national television. Now, buzz that is doing the rounds is that Bipasha Basu is completely heart broken. On hearing this, Bips has furiously reacted to the media reports saying that it is sheer waste of time talking about past relationships. “Waking up to stories about my life everyday is no fun! Making me sound tragic when I am in a happy place is not ok with me! (sic)” Bipasha posted on her Twitter page. Thought John chose to remain silent about his eight years long relationship, It was Bipasha who had admitted that she had parted ways with him. However, John blurted out everything the famous Simi Garewal’s talk show “India’s Most Desirable”.”Wht happens between 2 ppl is supposed 2 stay between d 2 when its over, that’s d dignity that I have grown up with and the respect I deserve. I dn’t need to be on a talk show 2 prove my goodness!My relationship with John Abraham is over fr good, fr reasons knwn best to d both of us,” Bipasha tweeted.”My break up happened almost a year ago! Why r these stories coming up now? Is it a pr exercise for a film or over imaginative journalism?” she added.

Salman Khan gets into a fight at Maanyata Dutt’s Birthday bash!!

Remember that horrid fight between the Khan at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party, 3 years back???. And, history repeats itself, once again…On Thursday night, Sanjay Dutt threw a lavish birthday bash for his beloved wife, Maanyata. Only his close friends were invited. Salman Khan and Bunty Walia were present, too. A source told a popular tabloid, “Sanju held the party to bring in his wife Maanyata’s birthday. He had invited all his close friends including Ameesha Patel, Neha Uberoi, Fardeen Khan, Zayed Khan, Ashish Chowdhury and many others.Maanyata and Sanjay Dutt at the party where Salman had a fight with Bunty WaliaFilmmakers David Dhawan, Indra Kumar and Rajkumar Santoshi were also present. Salman Khan walked in to the party around 2 am, well past midnight. On reaching, he greeted everyone and then bumped into Bunty Walia. Salman was already in high spirits. On seeing Bunty, he started arguing with the filmmaker.After some time, the argument got so loud that despite the music playing at the party, all people could hear were Salman and Bunty.They started abusing each other. Had it not been for Dharam Oberoi’s intervention, who knows what would have happened. Dharam separated the two and took Bunty away. Had he not intervened at the right time, the fight would have become physical.””Sanjay Dutt, the host of the party had incidentally, gone down at that time to drop Fardeen Khan and his wife to their car. He was nowhere to be seen when all this happened.In fact, Walia was heard telling one of the guests, that since he did not want to create a scene, he would rather leave. When Bunty was leaving, he bumped into Sanju who was coming in after dropping Fardeen,” added the source.”Dutt chose to keep quiet about the incident. In fact, after that he partied with Salman and the rest of the guests till the wee hours of the morning,” said the source.A source informed, “Bunty Walia and Salman’s brother Sohail Khan were business partners at one point in time.However, after Bunty and Sohail went their separate ways, all has not been well between the Khan clan and Bunty. In fact, Salman and Bunty had got into a fight before as well.”

Kareena’s favourite Khan!!!!

The first look of Salman Khan-Kareena Kapoor starrer Bodyguard, was unveiled yesterday at a suburban multiplex. It was Salman’s real life bodyguard Shera, who unveiled it. Salman Khan, was at his best behavior at the event. Kareena Kapoor was asked to pick her favorite Khan among the three. And as expected, Bebo quickly said Salman Khan. Hearing this, Salman retorted, “When you ask a child who he likes better — mummy or daddy. The child will say mummy in front of the mother and daddy in front of father.”On quizzing Salman Khan about Shah Rukh Khan dancing to one of his numbers at an event, and if that was a positive sign of a patch up, Salman passed the question to Bebo

Imran-Kareena to get romantic on 14th Feb next year!!!

Short Term Shaadi, starring Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor is set to hit theaters on Valentine’s Day next year.Produced by Karan Johar, the film is a full-on romantic and according to KJO, there is no better time to release the film than 14th Feb. Las Vegas is where a part of the film has been shot. However, the shooting that was supposed to happen in Mumbai, isn’t going as planned as both Imran Khan and Bebo have a packed schedule.Currently, Imran is celebrating his belated honeymoon with wife Avantika. He is expected to resume the shoot of Short Term Shaadi only sometime after September.It’s seriously going to be a feast to the eyes watching Imran and Kareena together on screen.


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